Ray Lopez on ABC News

Ray Lopez, a retired car selling veteran who spent his thirty-year career in the City of Angels and author of Inside the Minds of Car Dealers - How to Buy Your Next Car without Fear, appears on the ABC Evening News. Click here to watch

Before buying another car, let Ray Lopez, a former "swift talking, blood-sucking salesperson" and author of Inside the Minds of Car Dealers give you a look under the hood of dealerships to show you every trick that will be used against you!

Learn every last psychological ploy and manipulative scheme typical car dealerships use against you to squeeze every last dime out of your pocket --and then some-- all while you're being sold a car you may not even want! Discover in detail the 12 crucial dos and don'ts to car buying, like why you will always lose if you shop one dealer against another and why you should never mention your research on the Internet, or why you should accept that your trade-in is not worth what you think it is and why you should accept the fact that the dealership is a business entitled to make money.

Some books on this subject reveal a few of the tricks in a car dealers' trunk. This book gives them ALL to you!

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