While most boys wanted to be firemen or doctors when they grew up, Ray Lopez's love for cars had him dreaming of becoming a car salesman. His love for cars was so great that at 12, his dad caught him unscrewing parts in the interior of the family car. After being threatened with being grounded for a week if he didn't immediately replace everything THAT MINUTE, Lopez complied. Little did his dad know, he had already disassembled the entire instrument panel and gauges the day prior--and put them back together.

After graduation, Lopez's dream came true, and eventually he worked for all the big boys: Chrysler, Jeep, Plymouth, Nissan, Fiat, Saab, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, Infiniti, Porsche and Audi. On the average, he saw 240 potential buyers per month or 2,800 customers per year. In a five-year period, that comes to 14,000 customers. The average person buys a new car maybe once every five years. This means that as a pro salesperson, Lopez honed his craftiness 14,000 times by the time the average person showed up on the lot. He had 14,000 opportunities to polish the psychology of selling. He knew how to overcome objections and how to get the most money from everyone that walked in the door--and he did, no matter what the cost, for the first 18 years of his career!

Then, something as simple as cutting someone a fair deal, made him take a U-turn in life, and Lopez spent the latter part of his career working for reputable, honest dealerships that trained him to treat everyone as though they were his immediate family. Lying, exaggerating and cheating were grounds for dismissal.

Now retired after 30 years of selling automobiles, Lopez has dedicated himself to educating the public on how to be informed, composed and wise car buyers. When he's not showing the world his trunk full of car-selling tricks, Lopez enjoys writing and participating in theater organizations. He currently lives in Burbank, California, with his two cats, Maypo and Stewie.

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