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Multi-Car Dealerships — A Bad Idea?

Multi-car dealerships are the last place you want to buy your new or used car from. Why? Because of the high overhead they have. If one dealer has several brands, such as Ford, Jaguar, Toyota and Nissan, each one of … Continue reading

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“This Weekend Only!” Deals — Not Always What They Seem

“This weekend only! Save $XXXX on every new _________ in stock!” Really … this weekend only? Don’t fall for that. If a dealer can offer X amount off every model in stock, it can offer the same price the next … Continue reading

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Car magazines road test all makes and models. Many times they drive exotic cars and report on them. They’re fun to read but not practical at all. When they test small cars, mid-size cars, cross-overs, or SUV’s, then they have … Continue reading

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Weekend Car Sales Funnies!

At one particular dealership I worked at, we had a General Sales Manager that was a typical loud mouth, blow-hard, know-it-all. He always shouted when he talked. He said he was hard of hearing. We suspected he just loved to … Continue reading

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Extended Car Warranties, Good Deal or Not?

Extended new car warranties … a good deal of not? That depends on two things. First, if it’s offered from the manufacturer and not a third party. Second, if you plan to keep your car longer than the factory warranty. … Continue reading

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