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What can a salesperson’s location on the lot and what they’re wearing tell you?

Where are the salesmen standing on the dealership lot? What are they wearing? Both questions will clue you in to whether or not you want to stop in. These are the red flags you should look for when you drive … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Funnies to Start Your Week of Car Shopping on a High Note!

Sometimes customers can be very pleasant. And other times an absolute nightmare. And then there are times when two people come in together. One is Mr. Hyde and the other Dr. Jekyll. I was on the unfortunate receiving end of … Continue reading

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Weekend Funnies — Who knew scheduling could be funny?

Scheduling is one of the most difficult things to do in car sales. Some dealers have several teams with 3 to 7 salesmen each. Then there are dealers that have only two teams and one person from each team has … Continue reading

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