Dealer Vs Dealer = Losing Game for Shopper

Shopping one dealer against another is a losing deal for you. Keep in mind the dealer is always in control of the sale. You can come close to leveling the playing field if you educate yourself with all the information in my book. But you will never have the upper hand. And that’s why shopping one against the other is bad news for you.

A seasoned salesman knows what kind of dealers his competition is. He’s well aware of their sales tactics. And not just dealers of the same brand but dealers of other car lines as well. If you tell me Dealer A gave you a price of $29,999 out the door on a certain model that’s just like the one I have in stock and you’ll but my car if I can beat Dealer A’s price, I’ll immediately know if you’re lying or been lied to.

If $29,999 out the door is below dealer invoice, I’ll know up front. Either I will not tell you and use that against you in negotiations. Or I’ll let you know why your price is not realistic and start the haggling all over again. And knowing my competition, I’ll know if Dealer A low-balled you just get a deal in motion or if you’re just lying. Either way, you’ll come out on the short end of the stick.

I won’t be eager to give you a good deal because you tried to pull one over me. Or you’ll go back to Dealer A only to find out “that car was just sold. But you can have one identical to it for a few dollars more”. Or yes, you can have the car for $29,999 out the door, then get hammered in the finance office for add-on dealer accessories, car alarm, tire insurance, and/or wheel insurance. So now the car is closer to $35,000 out the door. Plus a substantial increase in interest charges since you are financing it.

We can spot this game immediately. And no dealer will sell a car at a loss. No one is in business to lose money. So negotiate honestly. And if I’m not honest with you, walk out and don’t turn back for any reason.

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  1. Suman says:

    They should be on the same axle!!!! Your ovrdrieing concern should be to put both of them on the same axle, whether front or rear. As to whether they should be front or rear, there is a lot of common wisdom about this, but it is mostly unjustified. If your older tires will be good for a while, put the new ones on the axle that wears the tires the fastest front for a front-wheel driven car, rear for a rear-driver. Forget about “improving steering” or anything else; if your old tires are so worn out that they are prone to losing traction in water, for instance, they should have been replaced in the first place.

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