Sleep On It

You’ve done your homework. You found a dealer that should treat you fairly. Everything seems to be going well. The salesman listens to your needs and finds the right car for you on the lot. You go on the test drive, he asks a few questions but you don’t feel pressured. He’s being friendly and attentive.

Then you come back to the dealership, go to his cubicle, work out a fair price that you both agree to. And then the old blue suede shoes come out. He tells you this is a one-time offer. He can guarantee it for today only. Now you begin to feel the pressure. You’re so very close to buying the car but you’re not all the way there yet.

He’s tightening the screws. He wants you to buy it now and he’s trying to push you into it. He reiterates that the offer is good for today only. But you want more time to think it over. What to do? Let him know this is a major purchase and you want 48 hours to think it over. If you’re ready to buy, you’ll come back in that time and ask for him. If not, you’ll be back when you are ready and buy from him.

But he states once again, he can’t promise the price will be the same in 48 hours or later. This is an incredible deal and it’s one-time only … today! What’s your next step? Thank him for his time and tell him straight up that you’ll go to another dealer who is willing to stand by his price. Today or in 48 hours. Then stand up as if to walk out. See if he blinks. And I’m sure he will.

Get the price guarantee in writing then go home and think about it some more. Odds are, if you like the car and are close to buying, you’ll want it, and go back to the dealer and ask for the salesman.

But beware! The sales manager or salesman may try to up-sell you into dealer installed accessories. Don’t fall for it no matter how enticing they may seem. All you want is the car as-is, at the agreed price, and that’s the only way you’ll buy it. Then stick to it.

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