Is Your Trade-In Worth That Much? Think Again Before Accepting

“I’ll talk to the used car manager and see if I can get another $500 for your trade in”. A typical line of B.S. you’ll hear from many dealers. You want another car and get rid of the one you’re currently driving. But you don’t like the trade-in value you’ve been given. You think it’s worth more. And practically every time, the used car manager knows it is.

This is game they play on you. They’ll appraise your car and hold back $500 to $1,000 on the true value. That way when you complain, the salesman comes on like a super hero and will see what he can do for you. So he gets you the extra money and you feel great. But they already set you up for it. And they know that if they can fool you with the value of your trade-in, they can “put you together” on the selling price of your new car.

Any time a dealer offers you more for your trade, to sweeten the deal, that’s a red flag. That’s when you level the playing field. Demand to see Mannheim Auction reports or the Black Book reports he used to base your trade in value. Expect to see a very stunned look on his face! Few people outside of the business know about True Market Value for trade ins. That’s what Mannheim and Black Book are for.

They publish daily reports of what a car just like yours sold at the dealer auctions. Cars with similar options and mileage. And that is the True Market Value of your car. If the used car manager refuses your request, walk out and don’t turn around for any reason. That’s a dealer that wants to “put you together”. And you don’t want any part of that.

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