Friday Funnies for March 9

Getting even is so much fun when the victim is another salesman you work with. From time to time we pull stunts on each other. All in good fun because it’s against someone you like, not one of the arrogant, cocky, know-it-all salesmen that we and customers despise. The reason we don’t pull anything against the arrogant ones is that since they repulse us so much, it would easily get out of hand.

One afternoon another salesman asked me to come out and explain something under the hood to his customers. I gladly did. And that salesman turned to his prospects and “accidentally” hit the prop rod that holds the hood up. The hood crashed down on my head! Now it was a subcompact car so the hood was very light weight and it didn’t hurt. But I resolved to get even … and I did!

On a very warm day he was outside showing a car to some customers. They all walked inside to his desk. Just before he sat down, I casually strolled by and tossed a piece of slightly melted Hershey’s chocolate on his chair. It couldn’t have landed in a better place if I had planted it there. The salesman sat down on it. And I waited until he got up to get them coffee.

When they saw that stain on the back of his pants, I held up the Hershey’s wrapper for them to see. I thought they’d fall off their chairs, they were laughing so hard. And that made others in the showroom take a look at what was causing the commotion. Everyone erupted into laughter and the salesman didn’t have a clue as to why. One of his customers let him in on it. I never saw a brighter, glowing shade of red on a person’s face. And I was laughing so hard I was in tears.

Of course, for the next few weeks I carefully approached my desk, looked around every corner, and always looked over my shoulder. And to the salesman’s credit, he completed the sale before he went home to clean up and change.

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