Friday Funnies for March 16

Sometimes it does you good to see an arrogant salesman get what’s coming to him. Even we don’t like that kind of guy. He’s brash, loud and obnoxious. And treats everyone like they’re worthless and a waste of his time. At an Infiniti dealership I worked at, we had two of them. They sold a lot of cars every month, but they had the most complaints by their customers. The sales manager refused to fire them because they moved the metal. So the rest of us had to suffer them.

On a particular weekend afternoon one of them had a customer returning to buy an SUV she looked at the day before. He grabbed the vehicle and raced it to the detail department. There were two cars ahead of him and he had to wait his turn. After cussing out the detail guys he decided to wash the SUV himself which was against company policy. And his loud-mouth counterpart helped him. That alone would have gotten anyone else fired but since they sold a lot, the sales manager looked the other way.

Well, they were like Laurel and Hardy. The rest of us laughed so hard at them. It was great entertainment for such a slow day. What would’ve taken one of the detail guys about 25 minutes to wash and dry took them over 45 minutes just to wash! And the salesman helping demanded half the deal. The other one yelled at him about messing up the wash job. That turned into a heated argument. Meanwhile, the SUV was far from being completed.

The woman showed up at the dealership to buy her SUV and I took her out back to where Laurel and Hardy were. Four letter words were flying. The detail guys were in hysterics. And the salesman who was supposed to make the sale turned the high pressure soap hose on the other one just as the woman approached. The other salesman ran out of the way and guess who got blasted? Yep, the woman! And I got the ricochet suds.

She ran to the owner’s office and complained. She was dripping wet with soap and threatened to sue. So who finally got fired? Both of them. The sales manager could protect them no more. The owner paid for her cleaning, a new hair style, new shoes, and personally sold her the SUV at a very good discount. And he took the cost of everything out of their final paychecks.

We were very grateful she wasn’t hurt. And equally as grateful to see those two get canned. As they left with their checks and their tales between their legs, one of the salesmen yelled out, “Hey! I’ll give you both $5 to wash my car!” The showroom erupted into hysterics!

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