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Next time I step onto a dealer's lot, I'm going armed with insider information.
Inside the Minds of Car Dealers is a new book written by Ray Lopez, a former car salesman with thirty years of experience in numerous dealerships. Inside the Minds of Car Dealers is, as the title suggests, a 118-page insight into the mind of a car salesman, and contains engagingly-written explanations of what goes on behind the curtain at a car dealer, so to speak. Inside the Minds of Car Dealers offers tips on how to find a good dealer before you even leave the house, explains the head games salesmen play and how they can spot a so-called "auto expert" a mile away-and take him or her for even more money than they will the average consumer.

Reading Inside the Minds of Car Dealers, I saw exactly what was going on when I bought my Miata…and my Saab…and my Escort. This book explained what the dealer was doing in each case-and how I was getting taken for every last cent each time! Lopez' writing style is a bit heavy-handed at times, but the information contained in this volume is vital, valuable stuff that'll make your next car buying experience a great deal less stressful. It's $15.95 well spent.

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December 2009
Midwest Book Review

What makes someone sell you a clunker?
"Inside the minds of Car Dealers: How to Buy Your Next Car without Fear" is a guide for readers who seek a psychological edge in dealing with the shifty con artists who go by the more politically correct title of car dealers. Written by a man who has played the devil, he offers much in the way of trying to decipher the thoughts on both sides of the deal and does well in arming his readers in how to get the best deal they can and avoid the toxic ones. "Inside the Minds of Car Dealers" is a must for anyone considering purchasing a new vehicle in the near future.

Geraldine Ahearn "Author Geri Ahearn"
October 5, 2009
Phoenix, AZ

5 out of 5 stars
A Professional, Informative and Useful Guide

In 2003, I walked into a Chevrolet showroom to purchase a new car for my daughter. As I look back now, I remember being there from opening to closing. After signing the contract and going through with the deal, I realized that I wasn't prepared, and I could have saved a lot of money. Since that sale, I've read many books and did some research on how to buy a new car, or used car, and what we should know about trading in your car. In comparison to THE CAR BUYER'S BIBLE, HOW TO BUY A CAR, and BUYING A CAR FOR DUMMIES, I found "INSIDE THE MINDS OF CAR DEALERS" to be the most informative guide on this subject. If you want expert advice on buying a car, then it would be logical to obtain information from someone who spent thirty years as a car salesman, who served an estimated 2,800 customers per year. Ray Lopez worked for many top-notch leading dealerships such as Chrysler, Cadillac, and Nissan.

Through the experience of his thirty year career, knowledge, and expertise, the author can educate the public on how to be a wise car buyer. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is contemplating on buying a car, or trading in your used car. The author provides excellent information that is extremely helpful in purchasing a car, or trading one in. This book is easy to read and understand, many tips are provided on how to obtain the best deal, and many crucial factors are included as to what to do, and what not to do. Did you ever go to a showroom, and buy a car that you didn't want? Were you ever told by a salesman that you can afford to buy their car? Were you ever disrespected, or mistreated by a car salesman? Were you ever lured into a factory discount? Ever gone for a test drive, but told you can't drive it off the lot due to insurance liability? Ray Lopez can answer these questions and many more, while showing you every trick of the trade that can be used against you, through manipulative schemes. The author reveals the biggest secrets in the car buying industry in this unique, professionally written, informative guide. "INSIDE THE MINDS OF CAR DEALERS" is something you may want to read again-and-again, before walking into that showroom as a potential buyer. You will indeed be prepared, and informed on how to become a composed car buyer. Ray Lopez encourages you to do research, includes resources of what to be aware of, and how to detect signs of being taken advantage of.
Radio Guy
November 14, 2009
Los Angeles

5 out of 5 stars
Very Impressive

Amazon Verified Purchase. I bought the book because I wanted to find out the right way to buy a car. I'm going to be ready for a new one in a few months. So I might as well start now on learning all I can about car salesmen. I can't trust them. My goal was to buy one, read it, then buy another, and so on, as long as they had high recommendations and were reasonably priced. I figured I'd spend about $75 on 5 books. By then I could probably learn everything about how they always end up screwing you. And if it cost me $75 but saved me $1000 or more, it would be a worthwhile investment. I saw this book and I liked the title so I thought, why not? I'll take a chance. I'm really glad I did.

Inside The Minds Of Car Dealers has everything you'll ever need to know on how to get a really good deal. There was stuff in it that I never even dreamed of that goes at the dealership. And it's not just with the salesman. It's with the sales manager, the way the showroom is laid out and even the dealership's ads for salesmen! Who would've ever thought to start researching there first? But it does make sense.

This book explains why you never want to go on the lot with an attitude like you know how to deal. I just found out why my friend ended up paying more for his Focus than I did a couple years ago. We bought ours a few days apart. He told them he knew the exact price they paid for the car and he wouldn't pay anything over that. He ended up paying $1378 more than me. And the reason is in this book. Too bad for him the book wasn't available back then.

There's so much great information in it and it's so easy to read too. None of the sales lingo. Just plain English. And it uncovers even more than you'd ever expect. I'm going to read it a few more times before I get my new car. And I recommend to everyone to buy Inside The Minds Of Car Dealers. It will save you money and a lot of time. And like the title says, you can Buy Your Next Car Without Fear.

David Menzies
November 04, 2009

MSN Autos

Reformed "bloodsucking auto salesman" tells all

If you ask Ray Lopez, he thinks most car salesmen are sleaze balls who use every underhanded tactic and psychological ploy necessary to close the sale and squeeze every last dime out of your pocket. And, hey, as the old saying goes: "Takes one to know one."

While Ray Lopez has a lot to say about the folks who sell wheels (and its mostly scathing stuff), it's worth noting that Lopez speaks from a position of authority: he sold cars for
30 years and describes himself as a former "swift-talking bloodsucking auto salesman." These days, Lopez is trying his hand as author. His first tell-all book: Inside the Minds of Car Dealers: How to Buy Your Next Car Without Fear.

Lopez says he used to see 240 potential car buyers per month (or 2,800 customers per year.) Since the average person buys a new car about once every five years, Lopez was able to hone his craftiness 14,000 times by the time the average person showed up on the lot.

With such experience under his belt, Lopez says he knew how to overcome objections and how to get the most money from every would-be buyer that walked into the dealership. And that's exactly what he did - "no matter what the cost," he says - for the first 18 years of his career. But one day, Lopez did something completely out of character: he actually cut somebody a fair deal. That act of fairness eventually led Lopez to "take a U-turn in life." Translation: Lopez went on to spend the latter part of his career working only for reputable, honest dealerships that trained him to treat every customer like a family member.

These days, Lopez says he's dedicating himself to educating consumers on how to be informed car buyers.

Inside the Minds of Car Dealers describes in detail the "12 crucial dos and don'ts" inherent to buying a car; why a consumer will "always lose" if he shops one dealer against the other; and why you should never mention your Internet-gleaned research.

And ever the salesman, Lopez notes: "Collectively, car dealerships are Wile E. Coyote – and Inside the Minds of Car Dealers is the anvil about to fall on them."
Lyndon Conrad Bell
November 06, 2009

How To Buy A New Car For The Best Price Possible

We spend a great deal of time here waxing rhapsodic about the unbridled joys of piloting exciting cars. Of course the dirty little secret, the thing that generally goes unsaid in this genre, is your path to getting from reading about them here to actually sharing the experiences yourself, pretty much always runs through a car dealership.

And while all dealers are most assuredly not stereotypical blood sucking leeches, out to separate you from as much of your net worth as possible for the privilege of clipping apexes in the sports car you so passionately desire, the fact remains there are enough of them out there for the threat to be taken seriously. In some shops, the management's mentality is still stuck in the days of horse trading. That said, it's always good to get as much insight as you can into the store you're about to do business with.

And that's where the value of Ray Lopez's book, Inside The Minds of Car Dealers resides. I'm often asked to review books of this nature and while all of them pretty much offer the same advice, there are insights in Lopez's book that we've seen no other writer offer. And frankly, from our personal experience, what Lopez outlines in the book is for real. At times some of his advice does sounds a bit counter-intuitive, however, on balance Lopez does offer useful advice.

If you're moved enough by our descriptions of cars to go out and purchase one, do yourself a service and read Lopez's book first.

Gabriel James

I highly recommend Ray Lopez's book to anyone afraid of getting scammed or taken by a car dealership
. After reading this book, I felt confident to approach my first buy without rookie-buyer jitters or fear of being conned.
Mike Rademaekers

Using the guidance in Ray Lopez's book, I was able to steer clear of the sharks and zero in on a 'best price' dealer
(Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge, CA) where every car was clearly marked with their best selling price and where I did not have to worry about high-pressure sales people. The advice in the book also helped me feel a lot more secure in negotiating a fair trade-in value for my truck.
Geoff Rose

Buying my first car seemed intimidating, especially dealing with aggressive sales staff. But Ray's advice keyed me in to all the tricks and tactics I should look out for, as well keeping my expectations realistic. What could have been a nightmare turned out to be the most satisfying purchase I've ever made.